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Over 40 years of artisanal experience in the processing of glass sheets, the latest industrial processes, to offer our customers semi-finished products/ finished customized and in series.

Main processes

Glassware GE 360

For about forty years we have been working glass in all its forms. In the last decade the company has focused on the contract production of semi-finished and finished products.

Type of work

We mainly process monolithic and laminated glass.
Thanks to the recent investments in automation, in the modernization of the lines, a fast and qualitatively efficient service is guaranteed

The main processes are:

• Cutting
• Grinding
• Drilling
• Tempering / hardening
• Screen printing / enamelling
• Sandblasting

Main types of processed glass

From the automated warehouse the raw material is picked up and a process follows that allows to work in all the glass phases such as:

  • Monolithic glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Toughened glass
Commercial types

Semi-finished glasses or glasses combined with steel/ aluminium profiles are finished for different types of commercial use such as:

Wall glass

  • Continuous walls

  • Parapets

Furniture glasses

  • Shower stall

  • Doors

  • Furniture

  • Stairs

Services offered

The collaboration with international companies and the strong investments in technological modernization has allowed GE360 to integrate in the production process additional services, which were previously carried out by customers in other or own production sites. The result is to offer in addition to competitive finished products a more streamlined logistics. In 2023, a new storage and shipping warehouse is set up to further facilitate the process.

In addition to the classic processing of glass for doors and furniture, GE360 has implemented in a new production area an assembly department of pre-assembled profiles in aluminum and steel. By offering you partners a fast and efficient service that optimizes time and cost.

The finished glass products are assembled on request with the profiles and accessories provided by our contractors. The entire order is managed through software procedures of industra 4.0

To guarantee the quality of the product shipped all over the world, mainly through marine containerships, we have introduced the use of special packaging (barrier bag and wooden cases) that guarantee integrity and cleanliness against external agents such as salt and humidity.

Maximum size 
4800 x 2800 mm
thickness from 4 to 19 mm

all types of glass panes
low emission and selective